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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have a showroom? 
Yes. We have a showroom that is available by appointment Monday – Friday, 7:00-5:00. Making an appointment will ensure we can provide the attention you deserve. 

Why should I choose custom cabinetry?
Choosing a custom cabinet gives you the freedom to make your dreams a reality. You are not bound by a preset range of choices for wood, color or style. We can design a cabinet that makes good use of all available space where a non-custom or modular cabinet can only leave you hoping that it works well. In addition, you will not find an off the shelf cabinet that comes close to the quality and workmanship you get from a custom cabinet.

Do your cabinets come finished?
We offer both finished and unfinished (raw wood) cabinets.

What can I expect in terms of quality?
Simply put, you will not find another custom wood cabinet that beats our quality. All our lumber is select or better which means that it is the best of the best. It matches for color and grain and produces the most beautiful, functional and durable cabinets you will ever use.

Do you reface cabinets?
Yes. We have certified refacers that will work with all types of materials that will turn any outdated cabinets into looking brand new and updated.

Do you manufacture and install countertops?
We do sell and install countertops. We make some of our own countertops, but work with a manufacturer. We offer countertops made from cultured marble, laminate, granite, quartz, and a variety of other solid surface materials.

How does Empire Millwork, Inc. differ from other custom cabinetmakers?
Empire Millwork has been a family owned business for over 50 years. For three generations, we have lived by a few very basic yet undisputable principles: always focus on the customer, if the work isn’t perfect don’t deliver it, and stand behind your work, no matter what.

What can I expect when you deliver the cabinets?
When we deliver your quality custom cabinetry, they will be built exactly to your specifications for measurement, design, shape, hardware and wood choice. 

In what ways do you involve your client in the design process?
The client is very involved in the cabinet design. The entire project flows from your vision and everything we do will be based on your initial specifications. Your input is critical to the project and we will not make any final design decisions without first consulting with you. Empire Millwork uses specialized cabinet software to provide our clients with drawings to their specifications. We can draw up the design for you or help you design a cabinet based on your ideas, sketches, and measurements.